Saturday, July 27, 2013


Because I feel like blogging but don't feel like being deep.

... If I have McDonald's for breakfast, how long would I have to spend on the exercise bike in order to stop feeling guilty for having McDonald's? No, not how many calories or any of that... I'm talking pure guilt factor here. Surely there's an ex-Catholic who has figured out the calculations for these things!

... I've taken on a casual commission piece, and should be spending every spare moment knitting. My current excuse is that I need a larger set of needles. That's completely true, but part of the problem is that I'm really very anxious about fucking it all up. It's a strange project with no pattern made from an unfamiliar material. ACK!

... Weeks ago I bought a book for the hubby and I to share. There are some series and genres that either one or the other of us reads, but there are also some that we share. This was definitely the latter. How ridiculous is it that neither of us have read the damn thing because we're both trying to let the other read it first?

... I'm once again considering contacting my father yet again. Trying again, for the umpteenth time. Part of me knows it's a crazy idea, that I will not get the father-daughter relationship I've always wanted, and that I will most likely wind up deeply depressed and miserable all over again. Part of me is still holding out hope that someday he'll start acting like a normal person. Not that I'm holding my breath.

... It would be quite a switch if I did contact him, offered up the same lame apology he always gave me after a years-long disappearance, and he got pissy that I've basically cut him off for over three years. On the one hand, it would be really annoying. On the other, it would also be a darkly amusing opportunity to tell him how big of a jackass he's been.

... I wonder if he's gotten divorced (again) yet.

... Is there a sound more annoying than a whining child? Well, perhaps a whining man... But nobody warned me about the whining before I had kids, dammit.